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SALES AVIATOR: Soaring Sales.

Maximizing Sales Results.  Soaring Above Expectations.


It is essential to consistently deploy proven methods that accurately estimate, control, and guide sales cycles to close successfully and win deals in the shortest time possible.  Hence our Sales Navigator consulting practice deploys the implementation of our Sales Methodology, which ensures the fastest and shortest path to win every qualified sales opportunity.


It is equally important to maximize the potential revenue produced with each sales opportunity the sales team drives to closure and win, in order to prevent the unintentional drop of your solution's market value by aggressive competitors who attempt to push down your pricing to a break-even or loss levels.


Therefore, in order to achieve rewarding sales growth and produce profits, the "Art of Sales" becomes significant in positioning, Gain confidence to properly position, negotiate and maximize the value of your solutions.negotiating and securing the highest value for software and services solutions proposed during each sales cycle. However, small start-up software companies struggle between negotiating higher values for their proposed solutions, and remaining competitive. The fear of losing opportunities to competitors by thinking of being too costly, prevents software start-ups from negotiating and maximizing the value of their sales proposals while offering mission-critical solutions to their customers.


Our Sales Aviator hands-on knowledge transfer practice resolves the insecurities found in software sales organizations by properly positioning, negotiating and maximizing the value of software solutions proposed.  We work side-by-side with sales teams and channel partners during the proposal, negotiation and closing phases of sales cycles, in order to lead by example and transfer our extensive knowledge & expertise by giving the opportunity to your sales force to observe, participate and learn from several well-managed and successfully executed high profile sales cycles.


The implementation of our Sales Aviator hands-on knowledge transfer practice enables your sales organization to:


  • Learn when to discuss and negotiate pricing, and when to avoid it even if solicited.
  • Understand prospect's pain and propose pricing for the solutions accordingly.
  • Highlight ROI and elevate your solution's value accordingly in the eyes of your prospects, well above and beyond other solutions proposed by competitors.
  • Structure competitive and professional pricing proposals, while maximizing the value of the software solutions proposed.
  • Eliminate the fear of losing based on price, by becoming confident in the value of solutions proposed.
  • Negotiate professionally and aggressively to maximize sales results.
  • Handle questions and objections during proposal presentation and negotiations.
  • Determine how and when to discount and what to get in return.
  • Present justified pricing proposals and guide prospects to agree with your most favorable pricing proposal option!
  • Secure commitments, agreements and signed sales contracts as early as possible.


Our Sales Navigator consulting engagement is a prerequisite offering for our Sales Aviator consulting and coaching engagement. 


If you are absolutely committed to improving sales results and bottom line profits, please contact us so we could address your questions, evaluate the challenges, and propose our recommendations to help you achieve total sales success.