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Marketing Challenges.

Marketing & Lead Generation Challenges


Dealing with limited funds in a small company is always a Marketing challenge.  However, from time to time, we hear from some organizations who claim having "excellent Marketing but poor Sales."  This claim can't be accurate! 


Sales execution must always be the driver of marketing programs, and marketing activities should proceed in tandem support of sales efforts.  Marketing success must always be measured with number of leads that converted into actual sales.  Clearly, there is no smoke without fire!  If the sales organization is choking, then one must also look for challenges in marketing and lead generation programs.


 Here are the top 10 marketing and lead generation symptoms that require immediate attention:Marketing performance must only be measured by sales success.


  1. Sales team is challenged by the lack of inbound leads produced; i.e. little quantity.
  2. Sales team is challenged by the quality of inbound leads produced.
  3. Marketing campaigns’ costs and successes are not measured by amount of actual sales produced.
  4. The company's lack of visibility in its market and among competitors.
  5. Company might be unable to shake off a negative image.
  6. Marketing and Sales don't seem to be working in sync towards common objectives.
  7. Customers’ case studies are hard to find and potential Channel Partners have little interest.
  8. Sales team is struggling to sell against competitors' solutions, pricing and positioning.
  9. Competitors seem to have winning sales and marketing strategies.
  10. The company's message and value proposition are inconsistent and unclear to the sales team. The company's message seems to be ambiguous to prospects.


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